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About Palm Beach

The Town of Palm Beach is truly a beautiful, private and serene place to live in. The island is 11 miles long and about 2 miles wide controlled by 3 spawn bridges that connect the island to the mainland West Palm Beach.

Palm Beach the City/Island is very exclusive living where the estates are gorgeous, you're near the ocean, you have Worth Avenue Shopping at your fingertips and are surrounded by beauty and Wealth like no other in the world.

The Breakers Hotel is certainly the very top of the mountain when it comes to elegance and prestige. If you have never visited the Breakers and strolled is magnificent halls or dined at is famed "Le Escalier" restaurant, then you are missing out on a truly regal experience.

Explore The Palm Beach Coast and experience for yourself what so many people have already discovered to be the best way to enjoy Florida's beaches. Enjoy the many exciting cultural events, taste the culinary genius of celebrity chef-owned restaurants, and take in one of dozens of destination events with an international flavor.

Fish or dive in the Gulf Stream-warmed waters, enjoy the awesome beauty of the Florida ecosystem and experience the many family-friendly attractions in the area. Lay about in the warm sunshine on extraordinary beaches and golf on world-class championship courses. Shop at the finest downtown stores and botiques and absorb the energy of vibrant nightlife.

Palm Beach, and the rest of southern Florida has a tropical climate, with mean temperatures any month never below 64.4 F. The summer and wet period of May through October are hot, humid and wet with average high temperatures of 86 to 90 F and lows of 70 to 75 F. During this period, more than half of the summer days bring occasional afternoon thunderstorms and seabreezes that somewhat cool the rest of the day.

The winter and dryer period of November through April are warm and mostly dry with average high temperatures of 75 to 82 F and lows of 57 to 66 F. However, the city experiences occasional cold fronts during this period, bringing high temperatures of 50s and 60s and lows of 40s and 50s lasting only for few days.

The annual average precipitation is 61 inches, most of which occurs during the summer and wet period of May through October. However, rainfall can occur in any month, primarily as short-lived heavy afternoon thunderstorms. Palm Beach has an average of 133 wet days and 234 sunshine days annually. Hurricane season is officially from June 1 through November 30, with the peak months being August, September and October