In Downtown Palm Beach you can walk to the beach, shopping, and fabulous restaurants all within a few blocks of one another. Neopolitians have an unwavering commitment to the romantic art of fine food and fine wines you’ll find an abundance of very delectable cuisines at exclusive bistros, distinctive cafes and original entertainment establishments in which to indulge all of your cravings. Alluring menus feature some of the finest dining in the world.

There’s a restaurant in Palm Beach that’s dishing a plate deserving of your palate. Local restaurants are serving familiar tastes and popular craves from family-owned eateries to the downtown dining district. Palm Beach cuisine is diverse and worthy. Whether you’re in the mood for local beef prepared perfectly to your liking, a sumptuous Breaker’s fine dining experience, locally harvested fish, you’ll find it in Palm Beach.

The Palm Beach area offers an outstanding collection of restaurants, bars, grills, cafe’s at a very wide range of venues, cuisines, and pricing.